C & L Consulting

C & L Consulting is a new established local landscaping design firm.  I worked with the owner to design a logo and business cards. I also designed a letterhead and invoicing/estimates templates.

Brown Girlz R Educated

Brown Girlz R Educated is a non-profit organization that seeks to encourage young African American women to pursue higher education through mentorship. To learn more, visit


I worked with the owner to establish the look and feel of her website. She already had a color scheme and logo made by another designer. I sourced images, created graphics and wrote copy for all of her current pages, to help her launch her new site.

Homes with a Smile

Homes with a Smile is a female-owned real estate company that targets women as potential homeowners. I worked with the owner to create a set of illustrated portrait icons that could be used for the company Facebook page or other means. I used a provided reference image to make the tow designs below: one similar to the Snapchat style and another done more realistically.

"In A Day" Workshop Series

The "In A Day" Workshop series, put on by the Wright Sisters- Tina from Wright Now Results and Kathy from Rae of Light Assistance-  teaches female business owners how to develop their business and marketing plans, define their branding and logos, and built their websites.


I worked with the Wright Sisters as a guest lecturer on weeks 3 and 4 of the series: Branding and Logos, and Website Development. I helped explain the importance of a good logo and its parts. I also discussed color theory and how to select colors to best represent their brands. I also helped the attendees build a basic website.


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