animation and film

"Three Ghosts: A Tale of Sadness"  is an unreleased short film about a boy's journey to find a magical healing flower. This  was created for a transmedia project; transmedia is a way to tell different parts of a story through various means (film, text, games, etc.). Along with this trailer, I also created character biographies, a photo gallery and a downloadable poster pack, all available on the full website.

"Boyfriend/Girlfriend" is a romantic-comedy stop-motion short film, and the first full animation that I've ever created. I worked with four other students, and we used "Scott Pilgrim VS the World" as our influence. I had a lot of fun working on this project and it actually inspired my senior thesis topic: the use of 3D print technology for stop-motion animation.

"Welcome to the Jungle" is an animated travel advertisement, hoping to encourage people to visit the Amazon.  My favorite part of this project was adding a paper cut-out texture, to give it a bit of character. This is also the first animation that I relied solely on After Effects to animate with.

What happens when art comes to life? This was an experimental project in which I wanted to mix animation with live-action film. The animated bits were created in Adobe Photoshop and overlaid onto the live action clips with Premiere.

"Sometimes you just need a break." This was a quick and silly ad, used to practice my 3D animation skills.

I was the videographer for this "thank you" to ESKO, a packaging design software company. They made a generous donation to the University of Houston's Digital Media Package Design program.

This was a silly public safety announcement warning viewers about a terrible affliction that affects teens and college students, called "Senioritis". I thought it was a fun topic to pick since I filmed it approaching my senior year of college, and I was stressed about my workload at the time.

"In a world where people have forgotten how to speak, one group of students search for the answers." Speak/less is a societal commentary about a time in the future when people stop communicating with words, and only text each other.

This is my self-advertising elevator pitch.

This is a pitch video for Urbanity, a fictional digital marketing agency.

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